A Mobile CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) is also made for prototyping with the plus that it produces high quality app

Would you like to try it?

Easy and fast prototyping suitable for any purpose

Create Native Platform Code

User Tracking and Statistics

Push Notifcation and iBeacon Support

Modular and Extensible

Customizable graphic templates

Automatic deploy on Apple and Google Play Store

No maintenance required by the customer

Add your content on ToAppIt

ToAppIt engine generates app description in a meta language

ToAppIt rendering engine generates native user interface elements

Your app will communicate with ToAppIt backend to gather user stats

Login & User Profile

User Credentials

Manager your users profiles (create / update / delete).

Home, Menu


Card Home with highlighted swipable items. Burger Menu with custom items


List & Card

List or Card view group. Each cell or row is a linked Optional Content with Highlighted Items

Map View

Maps & Events

Map is a group of geolocalized contents, such as events and places. You can even add an event to your phone calendar or navigate to a point on the map.


Products & Details

The emotion of your content:
Enrich traditional communication with audio and video contents

Sell Products:
Product overview with photos and description. Easy buying process with PayPal.


Dynamic Forms

Allows the creation of dynamic forms with configurable fields (textfield, numeric field, phone, mail, checkbox, textarea…), with mandatory options, a description label and the ability to send attachments.


Enhanced statistics and analytic engine


Cart with other payment gateway supported


Calendar View Template


Customizable graphic templates

Feed Input

Create data from an external feed (CMS plugin)


Customers can buy Credits (platform open to public)